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Who am I?


I'll answer the question in this way and depending on who you know yourself to be, my answer could be profound or cliché.

I am a Soul having a Human experience. I am life itself!

How does this qualify me to coach you and facilitate your healing?
Read about some of my human experiences and see if anything resonates or gives you insight into what I can do. 

Thank you for taking 
time to visit...


"Your Soul is the navigator of your transformation, the map keeper and your inner lighthouse"

Caroline Myss

The Art of Josephine Wall

K Olrog, Surrey UK

I met Anusha 6 years ago during chemotherapy. Her various treatments have helped me emotionally and physically. I have continued to see her regularly. She has helped my positivity and her techniques helped to deal with different situations. I have been able to re-evaluate life and realize what is important.


M Knivette, Surrey UK

Working with Anusha in a safe and loving space enabled me to identify and release emotional blocks that freed me to heal myself and my relationships. Her deep knowledge of human nature and behaviours gave me clarity. I am now able to truly feel my emotions. I can lead my best life in joy and peace.

M Ireland, Weybridge, UK

There's an 'angel' at the foot of my bed. She is massaging my feet and talking gently to me.  My jerking legs have destroyed my rest since my operation. My mind is in a state of fear and trepidation. My body is in a state of trauma from all the drugs and eight hour sessions of Chemo.

Anusha makes my body respond to her hands while she allays my fears and calms my mind.  She puts me in tune with my physical and mental discomfort and teaches me to go beyond it.  I have regained a better life, thanks to her wisdom and holistic approach to health.

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For any general enquires, feel free to email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Anusha Pillay

Transformational Life Coach

(Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach)

EFT Practitioner

Holistic Body Worker

Evolutionary Astrologer

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