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Fog and Nature



The Art of Josephine Wall

I have a VISION to share...

It’s a vision of a world affording RIGHT education to the masses.  

An education that can build up unique individual citizens who are creative problem solvers, inspirational, resilient, respectful, responsible, self motivated, benevolent, resourceful, talented, understanding, inclusive, just, fair, compassionate and highly intuitive Human Beings:


  • An enlightened education that can teach us about the Human Condition so that we are able to own all of ourselves without living under illusions such as shame and/or guilt and disempowering stories.

  • An education that can teach us how to integrate our shadow so that it becomes our gift to ourselves and humanity.

  • An education that aligns to building us up from the inside out so that each and everyone has an opportunity to live into their potential.  

  • An education that can honour and appreciate the uniqueness of every individual. 

  • An education that can demonstrate balance and living in harmony with each other. 

  • An education that can demonstrate the respect and importance of community and the beauty in diversity. 

  • An education that focuses on building the body, mind and spirit.

  • An education that demonstrates the importance of the planet to the human being and the responsibility each human has toward it.   

  • An education that guides us into our powers and strengths.  

  • An education that teaches us to create rules that honours freedom to express oneself while still respecting and honouring others and the environment. 

Such an education will produce:

  • Inspiring, responsible, resilient, accountable, creative and compassionate leaders

  • Sustainable social, political, economic, agricultural, technological and legal systems that are fair, just and beneficial to all.

  • Innovation that is responsible and beneficial to all life on the planet.

  • An inclusive, tolerant and respectful culture of diverse communities. 

  • Resilient nations who are able to cope with change on a small or large scale 

  • Nations that work together to live in balance and harmony with each other.

  • Advancement in civilisation which understand how to co-create with nature. 

  • Humans that are free to express their uniqueness and find their place and purpose in society.

  • A different and more beneficial understanding of money, competition, material wealth and abundance.

  • A guide for the Human Being to understand the human condition. 

  • An opportunity for humans to reach their full potential. 


The Mission:

  • Identify like minded people to discuss, debate and agree a unified vision.

  • Appoint guardians of the vision

  • Plant the seeds of the unified vision

  • Rally the support

  • Develop a pilot and test

  • Draw up and present a proposal of a successful and proven educational system.

Why the VISION?

Today is the 21st December 2020.  The world is on the precipice of change.  I choose to move forward, consciously aware, that I must do so with a new mindset that can be of benefit to myself and all who operate  within the limitations of the boundaries of the planet and humanity.   I am very aware, that the only thing I have control over and can liberate is my mind! 


The last 12 - 15 years has seen a number of corporate and government structures tested for their credibility, ethical foundations and functions.  The conduct of high profile leaders and celebrities have been brought into question and many outdated and dysfunctional hierarchies have fallen.  The people have spoken up against their governments and abusers and justice has been demanded.  As individuals we have had to question and face the truth of who we truly are!  We are not the roles we identify ourselves with.  Some of us have realised that we are more than that.


What is evident is that certain functions in old structures must be reviewed, reformed and replaced to serve the needs of the planet, social and cultural needs, future technological innovations and the upgrade of the Human Being to cope with all the transformations occurring on all levels.  It is not merely enough to acknowledge that things have changed, yet continue to operate in the old ways. 


At the fundamental level, the educational curriculum requires change.  The Industrial Age has passed and with it, must go, the old educational curriculum and structure that supported it.  We live in an age where our ability to memorise and regurgitate facts is no longer an advantage.  A high IQ score no longer trumps.  A university education no longer guarantees a job or a higher salary.   We are inundated with information and all facts are at our finger tips.


Thus it is necessary to know what to do with the information at hand. How can we use it in a responsible way to benefit,  provide freedom and still protect everyone?  We know that it is the ideal and we are likely not able to achieve it currently.  However, at a grass roots level it is necessary to build a benevolent, creative, resilient, problem solving human who has a well developed instinct(body), is creative (mind) and intuitive (spirit).  The time to do so is NOW.  The place to do this is in a community that fully understands the implications of future innovation and how it will impact us in good and bad ways. 


Thus education at various levels must take place with:

  • The parents

  • The extended family

  • The community

  • The schools

  • The work place 

  • The government 


These institutions can be responsible for growing up the child collectively.  The collective consciousness is growing.  We are becoming more aware of how life on Earth operates and how we coexist within nature. There is a need to live in harmony with the environment and with each other.  


First and foremost, we must remember that as Humans - living creatures on this planet Earth - on one level, we coexist with the rest of the creatures and form part of the ecosystem.  We operate within the cycles and limitations of Mother Nature.  We are therefore responsible for innovating within the limitations set by it.  However, as the Human race we have been gifted with a conscious mind that can seem to override nature's ways.  This off course is an illusion and nature soon pulls us back on course.  It is time to learn the ways of the human and the ways of nature.  The demise of the great civilisations of past was that they failed to heed their co-existant nature with that of Mother Earth.  It is time to go back to the ways that wisdom dictates.  It is by living within the limitations of natures ways and cycles that we will become free to reach our higher potentials.


Every time the Human race transgresses these boundaries we pay for it with catastrophic events and horrific results.  


Research done by a number of financial and scientific institutions are revealing up and coming technological innovations in all spheres of life.  The next 30 years is earmarked for quantum change in:

  • Medicine

  • Business 

  • Work

  • Education

  • Politics

  • Economics 

  • Trade

  • Currency exchange 

  • Banking

  • Travel 

  • Etc 



  • Will the innovations be good for all or just a few?

  • Will it impact the environment and nature?

  • Will it be good for our well-being?

  • Should we accept these innovations, because it’s less of a burden on our already full lives?

  • Are we going to accept everything because we feel we have no control?

  • There are many more questions, but ultimately are we going to let history repeat itself and allow others to dictate to us? 


These questions are easily answered by those who are in tune with their environment and understand themselves to be part of an ecosystem - a co-creator on this Earth.  An appropriate education system and curriculum for our future is required to address the choices we will be faced with.


We are on a precipice where the common people can make a stand and demand an education that is beneficial to all and not just the affluent few.  We can stand in our power individually which then builds collectively.  


If you are at all interested in this project, please contact me here.

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