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Fog and Nature


Everything appears fine ...


  • You have achieved everything you’ve set your mind to in your personal life and career. You have authority in your life and yet feel unfulfilled;

  • You are perceived as the saviour, the go to person, the resourceful one or the expert, yet deep down you feel you are dealing with one crisis after another and cannot meet your own needs.

  •  You are perceived as self contained in control, pragmatic and focused, However    underneath is a bubbling inferno of creative concepts and fringe ideas that you want to birth to your community or the world, yet feel like an imposture in those areas of life;

  • You have the gift to create when called to and the ability to make anything happen for others, yet you find it difficult to realise your own dreams;  You always have an excuse or a justification for it.

  • You feel you are a brilliant problem solver and team player yet have to work harder to be seen or heard. 

  • You are surrounded by people yet feel alone and isolated.  You feel that you are a victim of your circumstances.

  • You know you are a leader, yet feel small and invisible;

  • You’re a magician when it comes to turning chaos into order, yet you can't celebrate your achievements;

  • You are a humanitarian at heart - kind, generous, fair and just, yet you are afraid to commit to projects for fear of losing your personal freedom.

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It's hard to feel at ease, be creative and courageous when ...
  • You’ve sensed that you don’t really know who you are and would like to explore and discover that authentic you;

  • You’re searching for something ... you just can't put your finger on 'What?';

  • Others tell you that you are hard on yourself.  You say: 'there is nothing wrong with having high expectations of myself and others';

  • Your need for safety and security keeps you playing small;

  • Deep down, there is an air of shame and/or guilt related to others expectations of you that keeps you a prisoner to your current circumstances;

  • Your fear of stepping out of your comfort zone confines you to the social norms which you don't really resonate with any longer - causing you frustration at some level;

  • Your need for approval and acceptance confines your creativity to a fantasy world - repressing your authenticity;

  • The weight of your worldly responsibilities overshadows your need for freedom;  Inner conflict and confusion are frequent visitors;  What is the right thing to do?

  • You feel bored and restless and you’re always asking ‘What’s next?’ or secretly thinking ‘If only …..’’

  • You are vicariously living your life through others;

  • You’re always trying to calm the chaos within yourself by dealing with an external crisis or looking for a distraction or a solution from something outside yourself;

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Does anything resonate?
What if .. . everything you want and need is already within you? 

On my own journey, I turned outwards to try and calm my own internal chaos. What I learned is that chaos is a symptom. A symptom of misalignment between the body, mind and Soul. It took going deep within myself to face and understand how my limiting beliefs, my outdated values, my family entanglements and environmental conditioning were keeping me stuck, frustrated and eating at my self esteem and questioning my confidence in my abilities. There were some things I had to surrender to a ‘Power higher than myself’ and other things I had to work on in order to move forward to live into my potential.


Let me show you how to do the same...

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Anusha Pillay

Transformational Life Coach

(Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach)

EFT Practitioner

Holistic Body Worker

Evolutionary Astrologer

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