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What is Reiki?

Reiki–which means ‘universal life-force energy’, is a non-invasive healing system with a spiritual aspect.  It was was taught by Dr Mikao Usui from Japan.  The Reiki practitioner has been attuned to channel a particular frequency of vibrational energy (Reiki) to the recipient which works towards their path of self -realisation.   The intention of the practitioner and recipient is to always work for the highest good of the person concerned and all associated entanglements.  


The World Health Organisation defines health as a ‘state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease’.  The practice of Reiki works towards creating a sense of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being which impacts positively on the individuals’ interactions in their environment.


Reiki is an ideal complementary therapy that supports professional and medical, mental treatments.

The treatment is accepted in UK hospitals as a relaxation therapy and no evidence can be found of any harm caused.


Reiki promotes and teaches principles for living a good life:

  • Just for today, I will let go of anger

  • Just for today, I will let go of worry

  • Today I will count my many blessings

  • Today I will do my work honestly

  • Today, I will be kind to every living creature 


You will benefit from Reiki if you:

  • Feel poorly and could benefit from relaxation

  • Want to take responsibility for your well-being

  • Are very stressed and anxious

  • Are in the process of receiving cancer treatments and need to feel a sense of balance and harmony again

  • Feel emotional and / or despairing

  • Require a non-invasive / non-touch therapy

  • Dislike undressing, but could benefit from relaxation interventions

  • Maintenance relaxation sessions

  • You feel chronic tiredness

  • Feel tired or discomfort from chronic auto-immune disorders


What are the benefits of Reiki?

  • It facilitates deep relaxation

  • Through relaxation it enables the body to return to a state of balance / homeostasis

  • Through relaxation it enables the body’s natural healing processes to be activated

  • It promotes and facilitates the cultivation of mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

  • Relaxation brings clarity of mind and empowers you to be confident in making decisions and taking actions towards your well-being

  • Eases emotional and psychological stress

  • Its complementary to depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto-immune disorders


What happens in a Reiki session?

Reiki is best held in a peaceful setting, but it can be carried out anywhere. The recipient will sit in a comfortable chair or lie on a therapy couch, fully clothed and in most cases – without shoes. There may or may not be music, depending on the client/patient preference.

The practitioner scans the client’s aura by moving their hands over the client’s/patient’s body while focusing on any sensations in her hands and own body - which will give indications of areas of potential energy blocks and / or stagnant energy.

Thereafter, the practitioner channels the healing energy to the recipient.  The recipients innate intelligence receives the energy and uses it to enable healing on the various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the human being. 

The practitioner places their hands lightly on or above specific areas of the head, limbs, and torso using different hand shapes, for between 3 and 5 minutes. During this time, the practitioner’s hands may be warm and tingling or cold or prickly.  Each sensation gives the practitioner an indication of the energetic state of that part of the body.  Once the practitioner senses a normal flow of energy in the area, they can move onto the next area in the body.

Once the treatment is complete, the practitioner will discuss her findings with the client/patient.  The client is encourage to contemplate and become more conscious of information that they resonate with so that they can make healthy changes in their lifestyle.


Sessions are 1 hour or 1.5 hours

Price Guidelines:

Prices range between £65 and £125 per treatment / service offered on a prorate hourly basis and is dependent on location.

All payments are due before a session by bank transfer. You will receive an  e-mail that contains banking details once a session has been booked.  A confirmation email will be sent to you once payment has been received.

It is part of my mission to help all those who want to help themselves, so feel free to reach out to see how I can assist you if you find yourself outside these guidelines.

Contact me to book a session or inquire about more information.

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