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Fog and Nature

Facilitated Healing & Wellbeing


We all have the ability to heal ourselves on various levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The only obstacles that prevents us from doing so are generations of incorrect conditioning that has created ignorance of our inherent abilities. 


We are made up of our mind, our body and our spirit – all integrating or coming together to make us Human. When it comes to our healing, it is necessary to address all dimensions of ourselves. Medicine is only now beginning to acknowledge that we need to look at the whole person in order to heal. However progress is slow. Our healthcare system works on the western medical model that requires scientific research and evidence in order to allow the integration of holistic healing.

My role as a holistic therapist is to facilitate the healing and empowerment of my clients. I do this by providing you with services and knowledge to explore and enhance your understanding of the mechanics of healing.  This enables you to become empowered to take responsibility for your own well being on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

I advise all my clients on how you can use complementary therapies and interventions for continued wellbeing or along side traditional medical treatments. I also have a network of therapists / coaches I can refer on to if I feel I have reached the limits of the services I can provide. 


Book a session with me if you are looking for help with establishing a practice of wellbeing:

Wellbeing Programmes:


Transformational Life Coaching:

• Coaching, Therapy and Spiritual Direction 

 (3, 6 and 10 month programmes)

• Creating Consciously: 

  • 1:1 sessions;

  • Groups of 5

(3, 6, 10 month programmes)

Body Work including Trauma Release:
• 1 hour Therapeutic Massage

• 1 hour Reflexology
• 1.5 hours Body Realignment, Scar Work and Trauma Release

• 1 hour Soma Work​

Mental and Emotional Work:
• 1.5 hours Shadow and Integration

• 1.5 hour EFT / Tapping

Spiritual Direction:
• 1 hour Reiki
• 1.5 hour Soul Readings

Workshops and Training Programmes:

Mental Fitness Training:

Postive Intelligence (PQ)

(7 weeks training via an app + 6 online videos + 1 coaching session per week)

Price guidelines:
Prices range between £65 and £250 per treatment / service offered on a prorate hourly basis.

All payments are due before a session by bank transfer. You will receive an  e-mail that contains banking details once a session has been booked.  A confirmation email will be sent to you once payment has been received.


Wellbeing Programmes and Workshops are priced differently.


It is part of my mission to help all those who want to help themselves, so feel free to reach out to see how I can assist you if you find yourself outside these guidelines.

Contact me to book an appointment / inquire for more information.

Clinic:   Guildford    (Thursday: 1pm - 5pm)

             Eton Wick   (Friday: 11am - 6pm)

E Galatzine, Somerset, UK

Anusha's skilled, intuitive and caring treatments have completely transformed my life on many levels.  Both Reflexology and Body Realignment have a profound effect, not only on body, but also achieving a wonderful healing of heart and mind at the same time.  Working with her has given me direction and purpose and I have learned much from her for which I am truly grateful.  She is a remarkable therapist and I value her highly in my life.

B Rossouw, Woking UK

I have been going to Anusha regularly for about three years, and after each session I feel so much better, less joint pain, less stress and an overall feeling of well being. My energy levels have increased, which is just what I needed and wanted to sustain my sport activities. Anusha is very knowledgeable, intuitive and professional. 


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