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Fog and Nature

Transformational Life Coaching

Book a free 2 hour discovery session with me if you are looking for help with:

Who Am I?

  • Finding out who you are beyond the roles that you fulfill - discovering your authentic self;

  • Discovering your Life Purpose;

  • Figuring out what your gifts are and how to use them in service to yourself, your family, society and/or the world;

  • Discovering how to create and live a life you truly love;

  • Establishing a Vision, Purpose, Values and Mission;

  • Living in integrity / alignment with your purpose or vision of life


  • Improving your Mental Fitness so you can deal with life's challenges

  • Developing your intuition;

  • Positioning your ideas and bringing out the creativity that peeks its head every now and again;

Deeper Work:

  • Working on any/all types of relationship and finding the gift in it;

  • Going through a midlife crisis / any crisis;

  • Going through or exiting the dark night of the soul;

  • Spiritual guidance;

  • Shadow Work

My Approach:
We get to know each other in a free two hour discovery session where you have the opportunity to experience my coaching. This can be done over Zoom or we can discuss and agree other social media platforms. Once I am aware of your requirements, I will explain whether I am able to serve you and in what way. There is absolutely no obligation to take up further sessions. I promise not to sell you anything except introduce my offerings to you. In order to work together we must have established a good rapport and it is imperative that you have a willingness to be coached in the manner I explain and can make the commitment to do what it takes. I facilitate the process, but it’s up to you to take the action to achieve your vision, goals or desired results. My coaching is a combination of accountability, insight and action based coaching.   All this will be discussed in the discovery session.
My Intentions Are To:
  • Inspire and facilitate your healing so that you can live a life you love while living into your potential and being aligned to your values;
  • Empower you to find the answers within yourself from a place of authenticity;
  • Facilitate and create space of loving connection and compassion for insights to occur;
  • Hold a safe space for the discomfort that you will inevitably feel while evolving and transforming;
  • Challenge your thinking that keeps you safe, but playing small;
  • Facilitate creating a vision and the associated roadmap to achieving the vision that comes from True Choices in alignment with your authentic self.
  • Impact you in a way that you are growing and contributing to the nurturing and upliftment of your community and the  world.
  • Create a self motivated individual who loves life and takes responsibility for everything in their lives;
Book a free 2 hour discovery session

M Martin, MDir, Surrey UK

My sessions with Anusha were game changing. At a point in my life where nothing seemed to make sense she helped me navigate a path that put me back in control and brought me back to a state of contentment. #forevergrateful

N Singh, London, UK

It took a brief time to develop trust in Anusha that is inexpressible. She has helped me immensely during this very difficult time in my life. She is very understanding, accommodative, kind, & patient. Her empathetic coaching approach brings warmth, togetherness, and unity in the conversation. Anusha is deeply spiritual, which helps her to access and articulate subtler human emotions and feelings. I truly feel blessed to know her, & to have her in my life. So grateful for all your love dear Anusha. 🙏🏻💕


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