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Emotional Freedom Technique


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of acupuncture that makes use of the finger tips to stimulate meridian energy points on the head, hands and upper torso. The client is fully clothed and seated on a chair, while either the client or practitioner uses their fingertips to tap on the client’s meridian points.

The practitioner skilfully and safely guides the client into a state of sensing (of the five senses) and tuning into  a particular issue they have identified that they would like to work on. The combined process of tapping and tuning into the issue on a mental and emotional level, allows the nervous system to calm down. The build up of energy charges that cause stagnation, blockages, overwhelm, dis-ease or any habitual negative emotion, are released from the nervous system. The essence of the treatment is to bring neutrality and clarity to the mind so that the client is able to see the situation more realistically and make appropriate decisions in order to move forward in life - thus healing themselves on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


Book a 1.5 hour session with me if you are looking for help with:

  • Physical symptoms that cannot be diagnosed by your doctor.

  • Understanding and alleviating yourself of disruptive anger and frustration

  • Your feelings of overwhelming physical symptoms as a result of emotional distress

  • Ceaseless churning thoughts that cause you distress

  • Your overwhelming feelings of sadness, despairing and/or listlessness and you can't seem to snap out of it

  • Sleepless nights.  You toss and turn at night and can't sleep well

  • You suffer from aches and pain in various parts of the body but can't find a cause for it

  • Feeling emotional pain - with or without awareness of cause

  • You have an irrational fear of something in particular

  • Self confidence and self esteem issues

  • You suffer from chronic recurring issues

  • You have a tendency to be obsessive or compulsive in behaviou and cannot manage them

  • Having experienced something you feel is:  shameful; makes you feel guilt - making you unstable.

  • Unable to deal with rejection or abandonment

  • Any recurring negative emotions that you cannot overcome

EFT Tapping Points:

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Price Guideline:  £125/1.5 hour session payable before the session by bank transfer.  You will receive an  e-mail that contains banking details once a session has been booked.  A confirmation email will be sent to you once payment has been received.

It is part of my mission to help all those who want to help themselves, so feel free to reach out to see how I can assist you if you find yourself outside these guidelines.

Contact me to book an appointment /  inquire for more information.


Read this article from SHAPE for more information about EFT/Tapping

K Olrog, Surrey UK

I met Anusha 6 years ago during chemotherapy. Her various treatments have helped me emotionally and physically. I have continued to see her regularly. She has helped my positivity and her techniques helped to deal with different situations. I have been able to re-evaluate life and realize what is important.

J Gooding, Woking UK

Anusha is one of the most grounded, insightful and selfless people I know and she helped me enormously through a very difficult period in my life. She helped me to look at the world, and my relationship with it, in a different way. My sessions with her started with reflexology but quickly developed into much more. Her gentle persistence and intuitive sense of what I needed to heal myself, along with her use of EFT helped me on a path to dealing with some deep seated emotional issues. She gradually helped me to rekindle a sense of joy that I thought I had lost. I will always be grateful.


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