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Evolutionary Astrology Reading

Evolutionary Astrology is a name used to describe a style of astrology that understands each person's birth chart as a map of the soul's evolution.

Each of us is able to work with the astrological forces, not simply be directed by them. Coming from the core belief that there is a larger, transpersonal meaning to our lives, Astrology can be used to help us live in harmony with that higher purpose. Thus, an Evolutionary Astrology reading is never "predictive" in a rigid or fatalistic sense. An Evolutionary Astrologer will talk about the questions you'll face, but will not spell out your answers to them. It's up to you how you interact with the field and create your own answers. The archetypal field is rich both with meaning, but also with possibility. And it's the possibility that an evolutionary astrologer strives to celebrate.
(Steven Forrest - EA Astrologer)

Book a 2 hour session with me if you are interested in a reading:

Cost: £250 for a 2 hour reading, payable before the session by bank transfer.
You will receive an e-mail that contains banking details once a session has been booked.  A confirmation email will be sent to you once payment has been received.

Contact me to book an appointment /  inquire for more information.

Note: These readings are free as part of my coaching interventions.

H Mires, Physical Trainer, Surrey UK

Spending time with Anusha reading my birth chart made everything feel clear and fall into place. It also gave me direction to have the confidence to pounce on my next endeavours.

Tamara @TheLoneWolfCoach, Osaka, Japan

Anusha was so patient with delivering and delving into the details of my EA reading.  It was a turning point for me. It really confirmed a lot of thoughts and feelings I had been having in my own self-development journey. I actually needed a few weeks after to really go within and explore what came up for me and emerged, ready for the next phase of my life more aligned, focused and aware.


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