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Creating Consciously

What is Creating Consciously?

Creating consciously is for the open minded or spiritually minded person who is able to conceive of other dimensions like a Super Conscious that connects one to everything in the universe.

The concept of creating consciously is based on creating something in your life that you would deem impossible for all the reasons you can come up with.  These reasons are created by you based on your conditioning and life experiences.  But, are they true?  We explore your psychology together and I help you dissolve all the boundaries you have created in the past and use in service of protecting you now, but are actually limiting you.

Once you become aware of your conditioning patterns, we then access the subconscious and superconscious from a prayerful state of being (which I define and discuss with you at the session) with your permission and together we ask for the changes to occur.  It is like a prayer with a different focus.  You are always in charge.  

The motivation for the process is to enable you to create your desires that come from a true choice which is aligned to your Soul’s capabilities and unique purpose here in this life-time.

I make use of state changes and a series of questions to guide you to your true choice.  We then work through blocks that you perceive as challenges or reasons why you think your true choice is impossible.  This is the psychology of beliefs, conflicting values etc.  The process is very focused on the journey to the end result.   The joy, creativity, resilience, insights, actions and maturity that is achieved on the path taken are the real gifts to your Soul.

The session lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours and can be done as a single coaching session or in groups of 5 people.  I also offer 3, 6 and 10 month packages.

Price guidelines:
Prices range between £180 and £250 per session dependent on time, number of people and packages.  All payments are due before a session by bank transfer. You will receive an  e-mail that contains banking details once a session has been booked. A confirmation email will be sent once full payment is received.

It is part of my mission to help all those who want to help themselves, so feel free to reach out to see how I can assist you if you find yourself outside these guidelines.

Contact me to book an appointment /  inquire for more information.

Creating Consciously
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